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I had the privilege of composing a guest post for The Cat’s Write, a witty writing blog by the marvelous Milly Schmidt. Check out her blog for some truly inspiring and relatable insight into what it means to be a writer today, and join in the conversation to be part of the wonderful writing community she’s created. Click the link to visit my guest blog and feel free to share some authorly advice in the comments at: How (Not) to Write!

A little sample of the article:

So there’s a ton of material on the world wide web (and the whole wide world) telling you how to write. What about how not to write?

Instead of sharing strategies for how I’ve gone about composing my own poetry and prose, which is a totally subjective process and could never apply to every person reading this, I thought it might be better to offer a more generalized list of “don’ts” or suggestions for what not to do when writing that could benefit writers of every shape and form. . .

Finish reading here!


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